Art Guidelines

Screen printing can only be as good as the artwork.
Although we can work with a variety of files, we recommend Vector (Illustrator) OR 300 DPI (Photoshop) artwork.

Vector vs. Raster

At Farm Fresh Clothing Co, we use vector files to create nearly all of our artwork. These files are made up of lines (vectors) not pixels. They can be scaled up or down without losing image quality. These files usually end with AI, EPS or PDF.

Raster files or images comprised of pixels lose quality as they are
enlarged. If you are planning on sending Raster based art, it should be print size and 300dpi. Most pixel based documents will requite art charges.

Pantone Matching

We are proud to print with the most Eco-friendly water-based inks
available. With water-based and discharge inks the ink sits within the
fabric which can cause a slight variation of color between different garments. If you need exact color matching we do offer Pantone Matching with plastisol inks.